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Wealth and Asset Management Report

June 15, 2022
The Sunday Times Wealth and Asset Management Report 2022 explores: 
How Hedgehog is using tokenisation to unlock investing in real-world assets for individual investors.

Led by co-founders from Partners Group and Goldman Sachs, Hedgehog is focused on providing access to institutional-quality investments that would typically be considered out-of-reach for individual investors.

Five strategies to beat inflation 

Strategies to help wealth holders beat the effects of surging inflation.

The effect the Ukraine war may have on the stock market.

Global markets fell sharply after Russia invaded Ukraine but quickly bounced back. However, the war remains a threat to investors.

The evolution of ESG stocks 

How war in Ukraine is challenging some investors’ notion of sustainable.

New age retirement 

The concept of the three stages of life needs rethinking. To make the most of the opportunity requires a shift in mindset and a change in investment strategy.  

The Sunday Times Wealth and Asset Management Report
To read more, download the full report below:
Wealth and Asset Management Report 2022

Hedgehog is a blockchain-driven investing platform that makes fractional investments in real-world assets available to individual investors. Sign up and start investing today.

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