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Easy access to real-world investments

We help eligible investors access the benefits of investing in the world around us - from real estate to renewable energy - at a lower cost.

For eligible UK, US, and Swiss investors.

Why real-world investments?

Real assets like real estate traditionally offer higher income compared to other asset classes

Average annual income from 2000 to 2021 *
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Past performance does not guarantee future results and is not a reliable indicator of future performance
* Income excludes any capital appreciation, tax or other charges

Why Hedgehog?

We only partner with experienced, reputable asset owners with proven track records...

Partner Spotlight:
National Resources
$2 Billion+
in developed projects in New York
track record partnering with the world’s largest financial institutions
$200 Million+
in financing every year since 2005 offer exposure to real-world investments of a size and quality normally out of reach for individual investors.

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How investing with Hedgehog works

Explore our real-world assets

We've secured investment opportunities in more than $1.5bn of real assets, including warehouses, content studios, renewable energy infrastructure and more.

Select an investment that's right for you

See something you like? Our different categories allow you to choose investments tailored to your goals.

Choose an amount to invest

Select how many tokens you’d like to buy and proceed. A token is simply a digital representation of your investment. Instead of holding a paper certificate, you'll own a digital token.

Get approved in minutes

Approval is done through simple online checks with no need to talk to humans. We like humans, but we think you’d prefer less chat and more action.


Access your portfolio, wherever whenever.

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What are the benefits of investing via Hedgehog?

We help people access investments in things like commercial real estate and renewable energy infrastructure, otherwise known as 'real assets'. These types of asset can generate income and often appreciate over time.

Real assets with intrinsic value can provide stability and reassurance during stock market volatility while offering potential portfolio diversification benefits.

What is a token?

We use 'tokenisation' technology, underpinned by blockchain-based smart contracts, to offer digital tokens backed by income generated, directly or indirectly, by real-world assets. When investing via our platform, your token is a digital representation of your investment in a fund, such as a limited liability company or limited partnership, that pools money from investors in order to invest in the underlying asset. Instead of holding a paper certificate, you own a digital token.

Why use tokenization?

Hedgehog uses ‘tokenization’ technology, underpinned by blockchain-based smart contracts, to offer digital tokens that are backed by income generated, directly or indirectly, by real-world assets. The technology helps Hedgehog remove barriers to entry and enables eligible individuals to have more control over the investments they own. Technology helps Hedgehog make it more accessible and efficient for people to invest through digital and automatic investment processes. Hedgehog envisages an exciting future, and tokenization is the first step in giving investors access to liquidity, which would otherwise not have been available for these asset classes.

Is Hedgehog regulated?

Hedgehog Invest Limited (FN 961050) is an Appointed Representative of MJ Hudson Advisers Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FN: 692447).

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The Sunday Times

Wealth & Asset Management Report

We’re proud to feature in the Wealth & Asset Management Report 2022, published by The Times. The report covers subjects such as investing strategies to protect against inflation and the democratisation of access for smaller investors.

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