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Easy access to real-world investments

We partner with existing owners of real-world assets to offer eligible individuals fractional investments in anything from commercial real estate to renewable energy.  

For eligible UK, US, and Swiss investors.

How investing with Hedgehog works

What trendy trading apps did for shares, we’re doing for real-world assets. We create opportunities for eligible individuals to make fractional investments in real-world assets alongside the existing owners. And guess what, you can do this all from your phone. How?


Explore our real-world assets

We've secured investment opportunities in more than $1.5bn of real assets, including warehouses, content studios, renewable energy infrastructure and more.

Select an investment that's right for you

See something you like? Our different categories allow you to choose investments tailored to your goals.

Choose an amount to invest

Select how many tokens you’d like to buy and proceed. A token is simply a digital representation of your investment. Instead of holding a paper certificate, you'll own a digital token.

Get approved in minutes

Approval is done through simple online checks with no need to talk to humans. We like humans, but we think you’d prefer less chat and more action.

Keep track whenever, wherever

Nice work! From here you can chill and watch your investment do its thing.

Give it a go

Why people like us

Hedgehog enables me to choose investments that target regular, passive income while also investing for capital growth.


Fintech founder

When it comes to investing, my main motivation is to earn financial returns but I love the fact I can also be proactive about using my own money to make a positive environmental impact.


Fintech professional

I like the fact that Hedgehog gives me access to investments in real-world assets of a size and quality that would otherwise be out of reach.


Director at a global investment firm

What we mean by real-world assets…

Renewable Energy
Industrial & Logistics
Coming soon
Content Studios

The Sunday Times

Wealth & Asset Management Report

We’re proud to feature in the Wealth & Asset Management Report 2022, published by The Times. The report covers subjects such as investing strategies to protect against inflation and the democratisation of access for smaller investors.

Download the report