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Meet Stephen McConville, Head of Structuring

November 17, 2022

Meet Stephen McConville, Head of Structuring

November 17, 2022
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We’d like to introduce our latest new hire and Head of Structuring at Hedgehog. Stephen joins us from 2Xideas having previously worked within Partners Group and is responsible for structuring the next generation of Hedgehog tokens to enable investors to gain exposure to institutional-grade commercial real estate assets. 

Share a little about your previous experience

I am a lawyer qualified in New York State, educated in Liverpool. I come from Ireland, but I have spent most of my professional life abroad in the UK, Singapore, Jersey and now Switzerland. My roles have ranged from private practice to in-house legal and most recently working in operations.  

Why did you want to join Hedgehog? 

When I was first introduced to Hedgehog, I found their mission to be compelling and was very impressed by the milestones they had achieved in such a short space of time. Having some professional connections to Hedgehog, I got to understand the strong ambition and the culture that underpins Hedgehog. The depth of talent Hedgehog has, coming from very successful businesses and start-ups, was also a big factor in joining! 

What excites you most about your new role?

I am particularly excited to work in a start-up environment as the role is very broad and there are many new and unique learning opportunities, especially at such an early stage of the company. The problem we are addressing and the means we employ to solve the problem utilise very interesting, nascent technologies which means a lot of new challenges to overcome in a creative manner. I also get to work alongside very talented colleagues to tackle these problems!

What does Hedgehog’s mission mean to you? 

Hedgehog’s mission is very close to me as I had the opportunity in my previous roles to structure products that enabled individual investors to obtain access to institutional grade private market assets and participate in the investment upsides while gaining another layer of portfolio diversification. These investment opportunities are still out of reach for many non-institutional investors. I am a staunch believer in levelling the investment playing field for all investors. 

Quickfire favourites: 

Favourite Netflix series 📺

The Sinner

Favourite food 🍽️

Everything really but can’t go wrong with a good steak! 

Favourite book 📕

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 

Favourite city 📍

Very tough question! Travelling is my main hobby so there are plenty to choose from. Mexico City 🇲🇽

Favourite productivity hack 💡

Getting outdoors and around other people, fresh air and fresh ideas can work wonders!