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Hedgehog In the News

September 23, 2022
CityAm- The Case for Real Asset Exposure

Rising inflation and interest rates have brought the merits of real asset investing into focus and shone the spotlight on investment advice that has stood the test of time for almost 50 years. The traditional concept of a 60/40 portfolio is under attack, as both equities and bonds have fallen in tandem. For investors seeking protection during periods of rising interest rates, high inflation and high volatility, investments whose value is directly linked to hard, tangible assets offer a potential solution. Portfolios that include exposure to real assets may provide a range of benefits, including:

  • Potential financial returns: exposure to real assets offers investors both a.) regular income and b.) strong risk-adjusted returns
  • Portfolio benefits: real assets are traditionally less volatile than many other asset classes, while they also provide portfolio diversification and can serve as a potential inflation hedge
  • Social and environmental benefits: real asset investment opportunities may allow individuals to prioritise positive outcomes for society and support the transition to a low-carbon economy
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The Fintech Times- This Week in Fintech

Hedgehog, the fractional investing web app, has opened a £1million crowdfunding round on Seedrs to the wider public. The round has already raised more than £950,000 (95 per cent of the target). Hedgehog has already secured a portfolio of more than $1.5billion of ‘high quality assets’.

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Crowdfund Insider- Fractional Investing Fintech Hedgehog Tops Funding Goal on Seedrs

Hedgehog, a fractional investing platform leveraging blockchain, is raising growth capital on Seedrs and has quickly topped its funding goal.

According to the offering page, Hedgehog is seeking  £1 million in equity at a pre-money valuation of £20.4 million – representing about a 4.8% stake in the firm. The offering is EIS qualified, Seedrs Secondary Market approved, and a Seedrs nominee structure. As of today, Hedgehog has raised £1,066,213 from 178 individual investors.

Hedgehog is described as a “real world” investment app that provides fractional investing in alternative assets. Launched last year, Hedgehog reports access to a portfolio representing over $1.5 billion of assets including commercial property – a sector the firm appears to be concentrating on – at least initially. Some of these assets are designed to provide stable income. According to the company website, the minimum investment in an asset is $1000.

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