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Behind Hedgehog with Ole, Head of Product

October 10, 2022

Behind Hedgehog with Ole, Head of Product

October 10, 2022
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We’d like to introduce Ole who is Head of Product at Hedgehog. Ole is responsible for building Hedgehog’s investment platform.

Share a little about your previous experience

I’m originally from Denmark but lived for many years in London. I got into Product Management at Skype back when Skype was the way people communicated over the internet. Since then, I have mostly worked for early-stage startups trying to get a new product to take off. That happened spectacularly with Monzo where I joined before they launched the first product and when I left 4 years later, we had 3.5 million customers.

Why did you join Hedgehog? 

I got introduced to Rob and Michael by a former colleague of mine and when I heard about their mission to provide easy access to the benefits of investing in the world around us, I thought: this is a very exciting concept and I had to be a part of it! Hedgehog’s goal to give eligible investors like me the opportunity to gain exposure to commercial real estate assets that are historically only available to institutional investors is a game changer.  

What do you enjoy most about your role here? 

I was the first employee so I have been involved in everything from scoping the product to hiring our team which has been super exciting. We are building a fully remote company which I find very exciting.

What excites you most about Hedgehog’s mission? 

I am not someone who is interested in investing and I am risk averse when it comes to my savings so I always end up having too much money sitting in my bank account. As inflation starts to bite, this is becoming more and more of a concern. Hedgehog’s mission to open up a whole new asset class to eligible investors like me, giving me the opportunity to diversify and gain investment exposure in assets that could arguably provide protection from inflation is a very exciting prospect for me.