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Meet Igor Dudenkov, Head of Mobile

August 12, 2022

We’d like to introduce our latest new hire and Head of Mobile at Hedgehog. Igor joins us from JP Morgan Chase and will be in charge of developing the Hedgehog mobile application which will enable our investors to access all our investment opportunities straight from a native app on their phones.

Share a little about your previous experience

In recent years, I have worked for several fintech companies such as Revolut and JP Morgan. I joined Revolut in 2018 as s Senior iOS developer and my team was tasked to build a brand new product from scratch. I spent two years at Revolut developing new products as well as helping the iOS team scale. After Revolut became the most valuable startup in the UK, I joined JP Morgan to work on a greenfield project that then evolved into a new digital bank launching the Chase brand in the UK. When I joined Chase, much of the product had to be developed from scratch, which provided a huge opportunity for me. Shortly after I joined, I became a team lead for the iOS team.

Why did you want to join Hedgehog?

I’ve worked with other exciting and revolutionary fintechs and when I learned of Hedgehog’s product and vision, I was keen to get on board and be a part of it. I believe that investing in real-world assets is an area that is due to be transformed, and being part of this transformation is one of the main reasons I've joined the team.

What excites you most about your new role?

Joining at an early stage allows me the freedom to build our mobile apps from the ground up which is a fantastic opportunity. Watching how our investors will interact with the mobile apps and then working relentlessly to optimise their experience will be a very rewarding process.

What does Hedgehog’s mission mean to you? 

Getting access to real estate investments is something that seems to be out of reach for my generation. Hedgehog’s mission is so important to me as the company is committed to lowering the barriers to entry and opening up this asset class to more individuals. I also think that we should be challenging traditional processes and it’s about time that the real estate sector got a digital transformation!

Quickfire favourites: 

Favourite Netflix series 📺 

Formula 1: Drive to survive

Favourite food 🍽️

I’m a foodie so have no favourites. I always appreciate it when I can try something new!

Favourite book 📕

Thinking, Fast & Slow

Favourite city 📍


Favourite productivity hack 💡

I always try to keep a very short list of things to do during the day and do my best to get them done. When I manage to avoid distractions during the day and stay focused on important tasks, I feel satisfied.

If you’re interested in joining the Hedgehog team and supporting our mission, check out our careers page.