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Meet Catherine Gallagher, Head of Commercial

July 25, 2022

We’d like to introduce our latest member of the Hedgehog team and Head of Commercial at Hedgehog. Catherine joins us from CMC Markets and will be tasked with helping to drive the growth of Hedgehog via marketing, partnerships and other awareness generation activities. 

Share a little about your previous experience

I've many years' experience building marketing, sales and customer experience teams within global fast growing finance and tech organisations in Ireland and across Asia Pacific.

Why did you want to join Hedgehog? 

With the advent of blockchain, I believe in the massive opportunity for consumers to access non-traditional investments such as the real world assets Hedgehog has secured. I'm excited to work alongside the talented people at Hedgehog who I believe can lead the category growth and innovation in this space.

What excites you most about your new role?

Being able to get in early and help structure the company to deliver on our ambition. Also the very cool tools Hedgehog provides to enable the intense collaboration needed at this stage of growth! 

Our mission is to make it possible for individuals to invest in real-world assets, what does our mission mean to you?

There’s a growing desire, especially with younger investors, to access opportunities which are meaningful to them, whether that supports their environmental or social goals. With ‘real world’ assets, investors can achieve this, alongside the potential financial upside of course. Also it’s pretty cool to think everyday investors can gain exposure to a New York based film studio via a few clicks on an app. 

Quickfire favourites: 

Favourite Netflix series 📺

Oh tough one. I swing between Squid Game and Bridgerton depending on the mood!

Favourite food 🍽️

Pasta or anything Italian.

Favourite book 📕

I love timeless pop science books such as 'Sapiens' by Hariri and 'A Short History of Nearly Everything' by Bill Bryson.

Favourite city 📍


Favourite productivity hack 💡

Shut down your email and slack for at least 1 hour of quiet time, preferably in the morning, to get stuck into spreadsheets or strategy pieces.

If you’re interested in being the next member of the Hedgehog team and to support our mission of bringing easy access to real-world investments to all, check out our careers page.