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Hedgehog partners with Securitize to tokenize real-world assets

May 23, 2022

Hedgehog is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with Securitize to bring fractional investment opportunities in real-world assets to individual investors. In partnering with Securitize, Hedgehog leverages blockchain technology to deliver additional benefits to its customers.

Jamie Finn, President of Securitize, Inc says, “Security tokens are an innovative way of both financing projects such as Hedgehog, and enabling more investors to participate. With investors able to purchase fractional ownership through a website and have their interest permanently and transparently recorded on a blockchain, investors can access opportunities that were typically out of reach. Hedgehog is leveraging the Securitize platform to validate and onboard their investors, whose security tokens will be issued, transacted and recorded on the blockchain.”

Michael Ward, co-founder of Hedgehog says, “At Hedgehog, we are removing the barriers to real-world investment opportunities. In doing so, we are committed to tokenization technology, which will enable us to provide a mechanism for liquidity and increased efficiency as paper-based processes are replaced by digital automation. Securitize is a key partner as we continue on our journey“.

What we do
Enabled by blockchain technology, Hedgehog makes real estate investments available to individual investors using tokenization. Our digital tokens are backed by real-world assets and have the characteristics of traditional investment securities. The technology helps Hedgehog remove barriers to entry and lets you pick and choose the exact investments you want. Sign up to join our waitlist and gain exclusive access to these alternative real estate assets.

Hedgehog is a blockchain-driven investing platform that makes fractional investments in real-world assets available to individual investors. Sign up and start investing today.